Voodoo Partners with AppHarbr to Level Up In-Game Ad Quality

[Paris, April 9, 2024] – AppHarbr, a trailblazer in ad quality control, announces its partnership with Voodoo, a global leader in casual games and apps. This collaboration sets new standards in the mobile gaming industry by enhancing the advertising experience for players and increasing engagement levels.

Recognizing the importance of ad quality in shaping the gaming experience, Voodoo has integrated AppHarbr’s technology to elevate control over in-game advertising. AppHarbr effectively eliminates disruptive advertising by replacing it with engaging, secure content in real time. This includes addressing issues like unskippable full-screen ads and ads that cause crashes or freezes.

The partnership has already shown significant benefits for Voodoo, and is attributed to improved user experience and higher engagement rates. AppHarbr’s technology has also increased ad refresh rates and boosted ad impressions per session, leading to a 5% increase in ARPU and a 50% enhancement in time efficiency for ad quality monitoring.

“With AppHarbr, we have the keys to monitor, control, and decisively manage all displayed ads,” said Maxence Laurencin, Senior Product & Growth Manager at Voodoo. “Our collaboration with AppHarbr ensures that players can enjoy gaming sessions enriched by high-quality ad experiences.”

Voodoo is committed to eliminating malvertising, broken ads, and deceptive claims. The way forward is to captivate audiences with ad experiences that are engaging and seamlessly integrate into gameplay. Alex Yerukhimovich, Head of AppHarbr, added, “Our solution’s seamless integration into Voodoo allows players to dive into their games without interruption.”

AppHarbr CEO Amnon Siev added, “By partnering with Voodoo, we’re empowering players to enjoy a seamless and enriching gaming experience like never before, while driving revenue boost for game studios.”.

Voodoo and AppHarbr are at the forefront of enhancing gameplay and engaging players with brands in meaningful ways through immersive, non-intrusive advertising.

About Voodoo:

Voodoo is a global tech company that creates iconic mobile games and apps. With over 7 billion downloads and 150 million monthly active users, it is the world’s leading mobile games publisher and the #3 app publisher, after Google and Meta.

Voodoo’s portfolio includes chart-topping games like Mob Control, Block Jam, and Backgammon – Lord of the Board, alongside popular consumer apps such as Wizz, WeMoms, and Jamble.

Find out more about Voodoo here:

Website – https://www.voodoo.io/
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/voodoo.io/

About AppHarbr:

AppHarbr’s mission is to ensure high-quality in-app ads and secure mobile user experience. AppHarbr’s SDK is designed to prevent disruptive and offensive ads from reaching in-app users without disrupting monetization.

Real-time ad quality protection gives apps the power to effectively block unwanted, malicious, offensive, and inappropriate ads. AppHarbr empowers app developers and game studios to enhance their ad revenue without compromising on ad quality, thereby safeguarding their brand reputation and boosting user loyalty.

Learn more at: https://appharbr.com/contact-us/


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