Wallapop and AppHarbr Partner to Elevate Ad Quality for Eco-Friendly Commerce

eliminated misleading creatives

prevent malvertising and ad scammers

secure on-brand ad experiences

About Wallapop

Wallapop is a hyper-local mobile marketplace for buying and selling secondhand goods, primarily accessible via a mobile app. It uses a geo-localized technology that connects a community of 15 million users by offering an easy and convenient way to buy and sell items that are no longer used. The platform, which has found a second home for more than 180 million items, provides people with access to unique goods at great prices while extending
the life of fully functional products.


Through this partnership, AppHarbr’s ad quality armor strengthens Wallapop’s community
by ensuring a trusted marketplace powered by engaging ad experiences. With the second-hand selling market flourishing, the platform relies on user trust for sustained engagement. The collaboration between Wallapop and AppHarbr enhances the community by preventing offensive, malicious, and unwanted ads from reaching its platform. 

Wallapop title

Partnering with AppHarbr, Wallapop is transforming the in-app experience, making it safer and more reliable, boosting confidence among both buyers and sellers. Secure in-app ad monetization is achieved by serving safe and on-brand ads suitable for an app’s content
and audience. 



“AppHarbr has helped our advertising managemen
at Wallapop, empowering us to seamlessly control and safeguard the integrity of every ad on our marketplace.”
Lola Hernandez,
Senior Product & Growth
Manager at Wallapop


We’re dedicated to securing Wallapop’s platform and ensuring audience trust, an essential key to a thriving digital marketplace. By providing engaging ad experiences, our partnership supports Wallapop’s eco-friendly and reliable digital commerce cycle.

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